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New Moon in Pisces 2021: A Time to Heal

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2021

A new moon in Pisces is always a really healing one, because Pisces is a sign that invites us to heal.

Healing might look like learning to extend more compassion and gentleness to ourselves.


Healing might look like finally not running to a coping habit you've outgrown, and instead inserting a new, healthier one.


Healing might look like extending boundaries around your time with work, family or friends.


Healing might look like sitting with feelings that once felt overwhelming to process, but that your body is finally ready to release.


This moon offers us an opportunity to heal - in whatever way we might need to.


To dive into the waters of Pisces, and to let the water wash away past hurts, regrets, or simply any stagnation, heaviness or disillusionment.


I love Pisces because it models to us how to forgive.


How to see the best in another, and to not hold them hostage from past transgressions or mistakes.


How to see the sameness between us, instead of our differences.


How to connect with the infinite possibilities that are available to us when we choose to explore the dreamy waters of our imaginations.


And how to offer greater compassion, tenderness and love to ourselves today.


And from that place, to be able to extend that compassion to others.


My sense is that this is a time that is ripe for healing by forgiving others, if you're ready.


To not take someone's past forward with them.


With this new moon, notice in what ways you're being asked to heal right now.


You can try exploring these themes in relation to healing relationships in your journal:


- Is there anyone in my life I am holding to a past version of themselves? (ie: a version they were when they were going through a hard time and weren't showing up with the same integrity or thoughtfulness they are now)


- What frustration or am I hurt by that I am ready to let go of?


- In letting it go, I can choose to keep with me the lessons and growth it offered me. What did that experience teach me, or help me grow?


- Who in my life is teaching me about having greater compassion?


- Who in my life might be going through something that has impacted their ability to connect with me?


- How might I extend more compassion toward them?


- Is there someone I have been focusing on their negative qualities? What are their good qualities that I can choose to focus more on instead?


Have fun with these.


Be in your feelings.


Watch what's coming out of your dreams.


All of this is the Pisces magic.


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