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Uncategorized Oct 13, 2019

Happy thanksgiving to YOU.  

Autumn is a time of harvesting, and our Canadian Thanksgiving is centred around honouring the harvest, and feeling grateful for the abundance in our lives. 

At the "harvesting" time, this means looking at the "crops" of our life, and seeing what worked, what didn't, and enjoying the abundance of what has fully blossomed (and making a delicious, flavourful pie out of THAT). 

But not everything has blossomed. 

It is inevitable that some things are not going to work.  It's inevitable that mistakes are going to be made, setbacks will happen, or falling prey to old patterns or habits will occur. Some things are going to get overlooked, not receive the nourishment they need, or simply just not work out.  

Our mistakes, however, are what ultimately lead to more abundance.  

Our mistakes teach us to do better, to try things differently, or to show us what's just simply not going to work anymore. They also lead us to appreciate the abundance and beauty our life with a little more reverence, and a little more appreciation. 

As you honour all that HAS been working for you, and what magnificence and goodness is currently in your life, also look at what some of your recent mistakes or setbacks have taught you. 

What have these mistakes, setbacks, or disappointments show you is no longer going to work for you in order for you to FLOURISH as your highest self and create the abundance you wish to see in your life?

There's a full moon tonight, and its a powerful, fiery Aries one.  

I encourage you to look at what you're being asked to purge yourself of right now in terms of past hiccups, mistakes, judgment or guilt, or things you haven't fully forgiven yourself for, and to let. it. go. 

For that, you can just write it out on a piece of paper and write "I am choosing to let this go.  I am choosing to return to a place of trust and love." 

Then - write out all that you ARE appreciating and loving in your life right.  You did it, QUEEN! What has manifested, flourished and been amazing in the last while? 

From there, I would look at what, today, you need in place in order to show up as your highest self moving forward so that you can receive all the abundance that keeps trying to come to you.  Grab your journal and answer...

- What nourishment is your body, mind and spirit needing the most right now? (ie: more meditation, more down-time, more cooked vegetables, more time with soul-sisters, etc.). 

- What standards in terms of your work, communication, and outward appearances are going to be non-negotiable as you enter this new season?

- Is there any additional support you need in your life right now to help you stay your best (ie: healers, coaches (HAY), experiences, movement classes, etc.)

-  What boundaries do you need to draw with yourself about places that you go, people you see, or the time that you spend on certain things?

May you have a beautiful, nourishing and uplifting Thanksgiving! 

Love you,