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Embracing Spring: Spring Equinox

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2021

I wanted to share with you two perspectives today to help you start to welcome in this new, Spring-like energy that's starting to emerge in the Northern Hemisphere.

You may have noticed that I often write to you, each and coach around this idea of getting us attuned back to nature.

To observe and flow with the moon cycles.

To take cues from nature's wisdom to embrace a "winter".

To know that just like the tide rolling in and out, that everything, good and bad, passes.

And now?

Nature is starting to give us her little glimmers of longer days (finally!), and it's officially the Spring Equinox on March 20.

It's time to start dusting off the cobwebs.

It's been over a year that life has changed, and maybe you can start to feel yourself breaking out of the patterns, cocoons, or heaviness from the last year, little by little.  

I wanted to share with you two things to explore today to help you start to welcome in this new, Spring-like energy.

Sooner Than You Think

My motto of the year with my dinner club (two other women I consistently going out to dinner with every month to talk career, love and life - virtual the last year) is:

Sooner than you think.

What if things are actually moving in a positive direction, and that all the things that you are looking forward to could happen "sooner than you think?"

Every time that you come up with an idea, or want to plan something in the future, just say to yourself "and it's happening... sooner than I think!" 

This will keep you in a more positive mindset.

The next?

Observe Nature Change

A few years ago I was sitting across the table from an old friend who is a Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Chinese medicine really honours the seasons, and incorporates the wisdom of the seasons into its practices.

My friend had become really passionate about this; observing the seasons and seeing how they play out in our life, and she inspired me a lot to start to observe the seasons more acutely.

That day she said to me: "I love this time of year. The winter slowly emerging into Spring. Nature is so sweet this time of year. You'll just look up and then you'll see these tiny, baby bulbs begin to emerge. Maybe the next day you see the sky stays a little lighter. And the next day you'll get a cold snap because she's just not quite ready yet. She took action, and now she's shy." 

Observe nature this time of year. Watch how she slowly starts to blossom again.

Watch her take action and then get shy.

Watch her let go of winter heaviness.

Watch her start to shine again.

If you're feeling that feeling, too, know that you're part of nature too.  

I would love for us to follow this seasonal shift together. 

1. The Pocket Mini Retreat is THIS Saturday from 1pm - 4pm 

This is a mini-retreat offering that you can get the REPLAY of if you can't join live. 

We'll do some goddess flow yoga, meditation, journaling, workshopping on inviting in Spring, and breathwork to release the heaviness of winter.

It's $55.00, or you can do it with the Renewal TOO for only $79.00.

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2. The Renewal: A 21 Day Bite-Sized Challenge Begins March 17

In this, we will commit to 21 days of 2-5 minute practices that we help you refresh and renew and enter this season with more lightness and clarity.

3. The Next Full Moon Goddess Circle is March 28 

You can sign up here.